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Mummy Wa And Isbae U Crashed Relationship Confirmed As He Defends Himself


Mummy Wa And Isbae U Crashed Relationship Confirmed As He Defends Himself

The drama started between the two comic actors, Mummy Wa and Isbae U Barbie just some weeks prior to now after they unfollowed each other on Instagram after the leaked video of Isbae U’s dishonesty surfaced on social media. A couple of days later, a controversial Instagram blogger known as Gistlover, called out the Skit Maker for dumping Mummy Wa and going once more to his ex-girlfriend.

The blogger moreover accused Isbae U of extorting Mummy Wa of her hard-earned money along with hitting her over arguments. Defending himself, Isbae U by means of his Instagram tales suggested his facet of the story he wrote:

“He were in love , I looks bad now, but oh..I swear we were in love about the house, yes out of like 50million she supported me with 4m and she even said “I wish. I had more to give you and I said “oh this is important to me”. I didn’t beg her for the money and not at all forcefully collected it from her, not at all not at all it was love that made her do it and I’ve completed so loads for her too that I don’t even need to say, she moreover wiling gave me 2m from what I used to get my car, which she was already planning to shock me with ..and now that she said she needs the money once more because of she’s so sure I’m with my ex. I despatched her Im already and I’ve agreed to pay the rest with no argument.”

Isbae U his defend confirms that truly there could also be house violence,of their relationship. nevertheless it was solely shout, insults and dragging of each other telephones, there’s nothing he have said to her that she didn’t say worse.

On the house violence accusation half, Isbae U outlined that actually they usually have quarrels which end result to cellphone dragging and cursing out each other.

“Now about the domestic violence, yes yes yes we had that in our relationship. But it was only shout, insults and dragging of our phones, there’s nothing I have said to her that she’s not said worse… and I am not saying that makes it right but .. when we have a misunderstanding she packs her load and leave little things. If I tell her, babe I think you should go home for a while to check on your family, she would say I am sure someone is coming to see you that’s why you want me to leave and since I don’t want her to doubt me, I on a regular basis apologize and let her maintain. I do not quickly hit her.. not at all did I beat her. All that’s making her indignant is because this time I chose not to beg her to return once more because of merely wished her to be the one to apologize as soon as she can.”

Isbae U had earlier revealed that Mummy Wa gave him hundreds and hundreds in their relationship, nevertheless he claimed that it was solely a mere contribution to the house and car he bought and he or she had given out of affection not forcefully. He finally confirmed that the relationship had crash and there’s nothing between them anymore. Stay tuned with us on this page to get more updates.


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