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Murder Case Reviewed; Michelle Lodzinski Sentence And Charges Explained,


Murder Case Reviewed; Michelle Lodzinski Sentence And Charges Explained,

The tragic incidence of a mother killing her own child is a major concern to many, as Michelle Lodzinski is a mother who had killed her own 5 years old son.

Michelle disceieved the police for sometime, she eventually got caught and is facing her sentence after the verdict.

Michelle Lodzinski shocked everyone when she was convicted of her son’s 1991 death in 2016.

She was a young woman in 1991 when she lost her son Timothy Wiltsey at a carvinal. What followed in the case was Lodzinski’s overlapping stories about her son’s disappearance.

Her son was ultimately found dead, and his murder case was finally solved in 2016 with Lodzinski’s conviction.

As of 2022, NBC’s hit crime docu-show “Dateline” has put forward Lodzinski’s story.

Lodzinski was a single mother who birthed her late son Timothy Wiltsey when she was just sixteen. She and her partner George Wiltsey began dating when she was a young teen.

Sadly, George became abusive after just six months of Timothy’s birth, and Lodzinski returned to her home. George did not pay any child support, and Lodzinski relied on various low-paying jobs due to her minimal education and skills.

Everyone praised her for being a “hardworking single mother,” It was initially hard for everyone to believe in her involvement in Timothy’s death.

Michelle Lodzinski received a verdict by the New Jersey Supreme Court for the murder of her son, Timothy Wiltsey.

Timothy’s exact reason for death could not be traced down; thus, it was ruled a homicide. When his dead body was found, the young boy had been dead for months, and it became hard for the investigators to bring Lodzinski due to insufficient evidence.

Thus, the case remained a cold case until 25 years later, after advanced DNA tests and a piece of solid evidence, a blue and black blanket used by Timothy was tracked down.

Michelle Lodzinski is currently out of prison after spending nearly six years there for her five-year-old son’s murder.

However, she has not disclosed her exact whereabouts as she has distanced herself away from public attention. She was released in December 2021 after her lawyers overturned the 2016 verdict.

Hence, the Supreme Court released Lodzinski after a split decision as Lodzinski’s lawyers argued that there was not enough evidence to convict her as the case was a homicide case.

Not only was there no blood found in her vehicle, but the blanket had no DNA on it that would connect it to Lodzinski or her home, reports Distractify.

Michelle Lodzinski was initially sentenced to thirty years in prison with no possibility of parole for the 1991 homicide of her young son.

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