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Nadia Stefanie Career Life Explored, Actress From The Soap Opera Sara’s 800


Nadia Stefanie Career Life Explored, Actress From The Soap Opera Sara’s 800

Nadia Stefanie as made a name for herself, as she is the former actress from the soap opera Saras 800’s.

Nadia started making name for himself, as she was one of the promising actresses in the soap opera Saras 800.

Nadia is good in what she does, The Indonesian show is at the heart of ’90s kids growing up. She portrayed the character in a mesmerizing way.

In this recent time, Nadia has turned her career from acting to business. The former actress has introduced a skincare product and is marketing the product. One of her products was awarded “Best Skincare Product 2020”.

Nadia first got recognition from the 2000s soap opera Saras 800. She had a huge fanbase among the children watching the superhero show.

She started focusing on business and put a halt to her acting career. Nadia has successfully introduced skincare products on the market, which have received a global hit.

Nadia herself plays the role of brand ambassador and promotes her skincare business through endorsement projects. She has shown great camaraderie in the field of business by turning a brand from scratch to global heights.

Nadia has been very confidential about her biodata and age details on the media. However, the actress seems to be between the age of 35 to 40. She has done a great job of keeping her details hidden.

She started in the field of advertising at the age of 6. During the 2000s, she was the trending topic in the entertainment industry of Indonesia. However, after quitting the show, she was hidden from the public eye.

In 2018, she explored the beauty sector and started her business in skincare products. With just two years of establishment, Nadia’s brand was awarded the 2020 title of Best Skin Care Products.

She earns a huge paycheque from the revenue generated from her global skincare products. The Make-Up industry is a billion-dollar company with heavy exports and extravagance.

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