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Netflix Series; Selling Sunset Actress, Chelsea Lazkani Career Life, Age, Family Explored


Netflix Series; Selling Sunset Actress, Chelsea Lazkani Career Life, Age, Family Explored

Chelsea Lazkani is a well-known 29 years of British-Nigerian woman, wife, mother, and real estate agent in one of the world’s most competitive sectors.

Chelsea has always have this positive vibe, that she shows wherever she goes, Which include the Selling Sunset Series.

Chelsea Lazkani is appearing on Netflix’s blockbuster reality program, Selling Sunset with her innate talent to sell high-end real estate.

She is already forming solid bonds with the Oppenheim Group team, not to forget Christine Quinn.

29 years old Chelsea Lazkani, is the mother of two kids, a son, Maddox, and a daughter, Melia.

Chelsea earned her bachelor degree in economics from the University of Birmingham before pursuing a master’s degree in gas and oil economics in Dundee.

She spent years working as a business strategist and solar analyst for oil and gas firms before moving to Los Angeles and falling in love with her husband Jeff in 2015.

Chelsea obtained her real estate license after the couple married in 2017 and joined the prestigious Oppenheim Group last year. According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeff is a Managing Partner at Icon Media Direct.

During the current season of Selling Sunset, Chelsea explains that it was her husband who originally introduced her to Jason Oppenheim.

She’ll be seen alongside the cast of the new season of Selling Sunset, which premiered on April 22, 2022. On the show, she’s rapidly made some deep bonds.

“I simply admire Christine [Quinn],” she told People in March 2022. We have such a wonderful friendship.” Chelsea, on the other hand, isn’t interested in picking up any of Quinn’s conflicts just yet.”

Telling People, “I realize they may have had problems, but I am here to build my own unique connections.”

Similarly, Chelsea told People about her ties with the other Oppenheim Group agents, “Emma [Hernan] with whom she has a really special connection.

Chelsea Lazkani was born into the family of Elizabeth Adefioye and Segun Adefioye. According to her bio on the Oppenheim Group, she is inspired by both of her parents who are highly successful in their fields.

Her mother, Elizabeth, trailblazing work as Chief People Officer at Emerson inspired Lazkani about what was possible in her own life. It also gave her the chance to travel and see the globe, strengthening her love for design, culture, and people.

According to DailyMail, Elizabeth was designated one of the ‘2021 Elite 100 Extraordinary Black Women Changing the Face of Corporate America.

She was honored for her contribution to driving complicated transitions by confronting workplace structural racism. Meanwhile, Black Enterprise named her one of the “2019 Most Powerful Women in Corporate America”.

Furthermore, Profiles in Diversity Journal named her one of the “Women Worth Watching Awards” in 2018.

On the other hand, her father, Segun, is a successful Architect and Property Developer, and she grew up infatuated with real estate.

She successfully handled more than $10 million in sales in her first year, prompting her to purchase her first house in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Lazkani, who is in the profession for over five years, is creating a reputation for herself as a prominent luxury realtor with The Oppenheim Group.

She decided to make the move permanent, telling her Instagram followers, ‘Almost two years ago, I arrived in Los Angeles on what was supposed to be a brief break.’

‘I remained because I fell in love with him.’ It was the smartest choice I’d ever made.’

She claimed she intended to apply her ‘concentration, persistence, and analytical skill’ to the Los Angeles market after obtaining her real estate license.

In 2017, she began working as a real estate agent for Rodeo Realty Inc. in Los Angeles.

She gave birth to her eldest son, Maddox on January 16, 2019. While her daughter, Melia was born on November 11, 2020.

‘At the time, she was still solely nursing Melia, and it was tough for her in Oppenheim Group,’ she said in Grazia.

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