Nix Thomas Florida Obituary : UCF cheerleader died in a motorcycle accident

A tragic bike accident claimed the life of Nix Thomas, a UCF understudy and team promoter.

According to reports, Nix Thomas passed away on Monday, June 20, 2022, following injuries sustained in a bike accident in Orlando, Florida.

“Mother and father, Meri and Darren Thomas, sister Meri Michon Shunnarah, obviously, and numerous additional family members too lengthy to even consider posting plainly,” Scratch Littlefield added. No other information was provided, however Nick Littlefield confirmed that her child Nix was killed in a cruiser accident in Orlando, Florida. The nuances of the accident were not discussed.

Nix Thomas was raised in Sebring, Florida, according to his Facebook profile. After leaving the University of Central Florida, he attended Sebring High School.

He worked as a Glass Installation CEO at Darren Thomas Glass Company, Inc. after finishing his education. Nix Thomas worked as a cheerleader mentor in Deland or Deltona, a UCF understudy, and a team publicist.

He was a unique person, and others around him enjoyed being in his presence. Along with fulfilling his commitments for cheerleading at UCF and Sebring High School, he accomplished a lot of things.

Nix was one of the first flying grant trainees to obtain his pilot’s license. He was Mari Thomas and Darren Thomas’ favorite kid.

John Rousch, the director of Highlands Engineering and Aviation Technology Academy at Highlands County School District, reported Nix Thomas’ passing and said Nix was one of his top selections and he and Mari kept up with his endeavors.

John Rousch wrote, “Out of secondary school, he secured a school grant for cheerleading.” Nix’s personality and smile would brighten any space.

Even when at odds with the FAA pilot was written test, he loved people and always had a positive approach. He simply persisted until he had complete control. On November 20th, 2017, Nix received his pilot’s license.

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