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Noa James “Orca Waters”


Noa James “Orca Waters”

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. Noa James channels his bottled depressed emotions, following the loss of his grand mother into his new record “Orca Waters.”

“During one of my 24hr sessions at KnockHouse LA, this record was created at around 1:00am. Daniel Jamezzz, an artist, DJ & producer sent me this captivating bass heavy beat. It was perfect timing because during this session, my Granny was on my mind heavy and I was getting sad and depressed,” James said in a statement. “I quickly started creating to beat the wave of emotions that was headed towards me. In this record, I was giving gratitude to my Granny’s wisdom, my trials and tribulation, my love and my viciousness. I’m going to have a lot fun performing this on the road!”

Listen to ‘Orca Waters’ below.

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