A few days ago, a consumer group demanded that the police thoroughly investigate the unusual death of a 15-month-old girl called Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri at a daycare facility in Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. The police just concluded their investigation into 15-month-old Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri. Part 31 of the 2001 Child Act was used to assess the situation. The head of the Negeri Sembilan Prosecution Unit and the Legal professional-Normal had received the investigation files. In his statement from yesterday, he stated that “The Legal professional-Normal gave the order for an inquest and seek for the cause of death.” Ruslan indicated that the inquest hearing was planned for June 29. According to local media, Che’ Puan Besar Khaleeda Bustamam, the spouse of Johor Regent, urged the federal government to reinvestigate the death of Syifaa. Death of Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri

Baby Syifaa Death Investigation By Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri Death Police Completed



Please allow us to notify you of the full details: On February 22, Nour Rania Asyifaa Yuseri, the victim, who was 15 months old, passed away in a daycare facility. It is stated that the woman passed away as a result of having her head trapped in a fabric seedbed. Asyifaa was discovered unconscious in the room at the daycare center, according to Seremban police head Nanda Maarof, who was quoted by media. Asyifaa’s father, Yuseri Yusoff, filed a complaint against the police for failing to take action in the matter 37 days after Asyifaa passed away. The attorney for her family also asked the police to explain why they weren’t acting and why they weren’t seeking remand orders against the caregivers.


Nanda informed FMT that the investigation files had been given to the deputy public prosecutor for further action. The attorney added, “We would like for the issue to be probed until there are no longer any doubts on this subject. Many people harbor mistrust, which could undermine trust in the government. Now that the inquiry was over, let’s hope the suspects were soon taken into custody.



That a 15-month-old baby girl died of homicide or another cause is so tragic. For us and especially for her family and clan, that is very heartbreaking. What went wrong with the lady? We simply mean that even though she is just 15 months old and unable to walk or speak, she was the victim of a homicide despite both. The world is so cruel and insecure for everyone, especially for girls and children. I therefore hope that this information was helpful to you; always stay connected for further information and updates.