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Professional Driver Of Manawatu Mustangs, Stephen Penn Cause Of Death Explained

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Professional Driver Of Manawatu Mustangs, Stephen Penn Cause Of Death Explained

The tragic death of Stephen Penn has hit his world so hard, he was a well-known professional driver, who was involved in speedway death.

Stephen Penn early Christmas gift for the Manawatu Mustangs, was by registering his first chequered flag in a crucial victory defined his character.

Stephen Penn passed on after crashing at the SuperStock Teams Champs in Palmerston North.

The tragic incident was confirmed by police personnel reporting a death at Central Energy Trust Arena on Sunday at 6.15 pm. While the investigation was carried out, the driver was identified as Stephen Penn.

Stephen is a professional driver who is a member of the Manawatū Mustangs. After the untimely death of the driver, SuperStock Teams Champs in Palmerston North title was canceled.

Speedway NZ has been monitoring the situation closely and is asking fans to hold the tickets. They are believed to start the tournament once everything will be settled.

Stephen Penn died in a fatal car accident at Central Energy Trust as mentioned above. A witness on the incident scene clarified that the accident happened during the first race of the night.

The organizer was trying to get the team out of the way in case it would rain. However, Stephen came straight hard with his car and hit the front car, and then turn sideways flicking in the air.

After a serious roll-over, the car crashed on the wall. The witness said that the accident was brutal. While the next witness said that, the driver was unconscious after he hit the wall.

The police department and Speedway NZ are joining hands with the investigation of the incident and checking on the failure to lead the accident.

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