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Sabrina Clement Death Reviewed, Is Keith Randulich Dead Or Alive?


Sabrina Clement Death Reviewed, Is Keith Randulich Dead Or Alive?

Keith Randulich was charged with murder in 2009 for the killing of his brother, Sabrina Clement.

After his arrest and charges, Keith was then sentenced to 40 years in prison three years later.

Sabrina Clement was a four-year-old girl from Mokena, a village in Will County, Illinois. She was killed by her own brother in May of 2009.

The latest news suggests that the killer, Keith Randulich has passed away.

On the night of May 22, 2009, Clement was left home alone with her two brothers including Keith Randulich at their home in Mokena, Illinois.

Their parents and a 14-year-old brother had left the home for a school function. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old brother was upstairs playing a wrestling video game.

Sabrina was taken to the home’s basement and brutally killed Randulich. He had no remorse for cutting the throat of his half-sister, who cried out to her brother, “Why are you killing me?”

The police had found numerous stab wounds on her neck. Upon arrest, Randulich had confessed to killing his sister with a steak knife.

The investigators found many disturbing things inside the basement. They discovered horror films, death-metal music, and a rubber clown mask.

Upon his arrest, Keith Randulich had stated to the police that he killed his sister to protect her from her abusers. However, there was no evidence found that Sabrina was abused.

He also stated that he intended to buy a pistol to kill the “larger and stronger” abuser before killing the girl, but his mother refused to buy him one.

Sabrina Clement’s killer brother Keith Randulich is currently in jail. Initially, the prosecutors seek a life sentence for the killer, relating to the brutal nature of the murder. They later demanded to extend his term to 60 to 100 years to keep him in jail until his death.

Finally, Randulich was sentenced to 40 years in prison on April 14, 2011. He was 19 when pleaded guilty and will be only 58 when he is released from prison.

The Chicago Tribune has reprinted excerpts from an interview with Keith Randulich.

“I just said I loved her and I took out the knife and she smiled at me,” Randulich told the detectives. “I made just a little cut in her neck and she screamed and said, ‘Stop!'”

“She was screaming and fighting,” Randulich said. “(She asked), ‘Why are you killing me?'”

“I kissed her and said, ‘I’m sorry I had to do that,'” Randulich said. “I really loved my sister.”

Sabrina Clement’s parents were totally shocked after the death of their daughter. They were out of the home leaving Keith Randulich to take care of his siblings.

Initially, Randulich had stated that he killed Clement to protect her from family abuse. However, the forensics indicated there were no such proofs for his claims

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