Salvador Ramos, who is She? Is She Dead or Alive? Today’s shooting in Texas killed 14 pupils and one instructor.

At Robb Elementary School, 14 pupils and one teacher were killed in a shooting. Gov. Abbott also identified the gunman as Salvador Roma, an 18-year-old Uvalde High School student. Salvador Roma, 18, a Uvald High School student, was also nominated by Gov. Abbott. According to several sources, the gunman has also died. This is an emergency update. Below are links to previous versions of this report.
In addition, the hospital’s emergency room is treating 13 pupils, according to the hospital. According to the hospital, two patients have been transferred to San Antonio for treatment, with a third transfer pending. According to the hospital, a 45-year-old male was also shot and sent to the hospital.
The incident claimed the lives of two people, a youngster and an adult, according to the University of San Antonio Health Center. Her medical state is unknown to the hospital.
Officials stated the suspects were apprehended and that several were brought to hospitals for injuries. Two toddlers may have perished from gunshot wounds in the event, according to Uwald Memorial Hospital.
After the alleged attack in Uvalde, about 97 miles west of San Antonio, “some” students were treated in the emergency room at Uvalde Memorial Hospital. In addition, the University of San Antonio Health Center treated two patients, a child and an adult. Her condition was not disclosed.
Robb Elementary parents, please do not pick up students at this time. Students must be considered before they are released into your care. Once all students have been considered, you will be notified to pick up students.