Sex Pistols” Bodies Lyrics Explained

The 1975 Sex Pistols are known to be the English punk music band founded in London.

Although the fact that their first career lasted only two and a half years, they are considered one of the most innovative artists in popular music history.

They were instrumental in launching the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspired many subsequent punk and alternative rock performers.

Their fashion and hairstyles were a significant influence on punk image, and they are often associated with anarchism within the music.

Sex Pistols” Bodies Lyrics Explained

There was a fetus in the bag carried by Pauline according to Sex Pistols’ song Bodies.

The Sex Pistols’ song Bodies’ lyrics explore the story of an insane lady from Birmingham. The Lyrics are as follows.

She was a girl from Birmingham

She just had an abortion

She was a case of insanity

Her name was Pauline, she lived in a tree

While there is no explanation about the content of the bag in the song, according to AV Club, Pauline carried around a clear bag with her aborted fetus inside.

Pauline actually suffered from a condition called, schizophrenia, a chronic brain disorder that causes delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, trouble with thinking, and lack of motivation.

Sex Pistols Bodies Horrible Secrets & Mystery

Sex Pistols’ song Bodies has some horrible secrets and mystery behind it. The song was inspired by a woman with a mental disorder who lived in a mental asylum.

She often lived in the treehouse of the facility and even lived for days in the treehouse refusing to come down.

However, the song carries some gruesome and horrible secrets, such as Pauline carrying her aborted fetus in a bag with her.

The lead singer was struck by Pauline one day when she paid a visit at his door, according to Songs Facts, he said, She turned up at my door once wearing a see-through plastic bag.

She did the rounds in London and ended up at everybody’s door. Like most insane people, she was very promiscuous. The fetus thing is what got me. She’d tell me about getting pregnant by the male nurses at the asylum or whatever.

While the motivation and beginning of the song have been traced, the mystery about Pauline continues. She has vanished and information about her whereabouts and fate has not come to the surface yet.

Pauline In The Bag A Real Person As In Song?

Pauline from Sex Pistols’ song Bodies is a real person. She was very similar in real life as described in the song but much about her personal life has not come to the surface yet.

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