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Sheikh Khalifa, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has Died – Cause of Death

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Sheikh Khalifa, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has Died – Cause of Death

Wam, the state news agency, made the announcement on Friday afternoon. Flags will be flown at half-staff for 40 days of formal mourning, according to the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, and federal, local, and private sector ministries and official agencies will be shuttered for three days.

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs, in a statement released by Owam, extended condolences to the UAE, Arab and Islamic countries, and the people of the world on the death of the country’s leader, President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Send your sympathies. nation.

Sheikh, sometimes spelled Sheikh, Sheikh, or Sheikh, is the pre-Islamic Arabic honorific epithet for someone in his 50s. The title of Sheikh is held by religious leaders, heads of colleges such as Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, tribe chiefs, village chiefs, and district chiefs. It also pertains to the knowledgeable, particularly the ulam (theologian) class, as well as anyone who has memorized the entire Qur’an, regardless of age.

The Crusaders mistranslated Shaykh al-jabal as “Old Man of the Hill” because it was a popular term for the Assassin leader. The title of Islamic sheikh is by far the most prestigious, having been bestowed to notable ulam and Sufi mystics in the 11th century and being open to any prominent mufti (canon lawyer) in the 15th century. Suleiman I (1520-66), the Ottoman Sultan, limited the use of the title to the Mufti of Istanbul, who, like the Grand Vizier, was in charge of the religious institutions of law, justice, religion, and other instruction. Because of his authority to issue binding Shariah rulings, this official has amassed a great deal of influence (Islamic legal opinion). The institution’s remaining vestiges were eliminated in 1924 under the Turkish republic .

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