Sidney Powell Meme Dr. Pepper Went Viral; What is it About? Deposition Over Jan 6 Testimony

A former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, is best known as an attorney who has been active in the field for around 44 years. She came to the public light with the Jimmy Chagra case of 1979.

Over the years, she has represented several cases, but her allegation of transferring millions of votes using voting machines in the 2020 presidential election caught the people’s attention.

An attorney then claimed the involvement of election technology companies like Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems in the conspiracy. However, she got sued for defamation at that time.

She once again seems to have become the public’s target with viral memes for the moment.

What Is Sidney Powell Meme Dr. Pepper?

Sidney Powell has become the target of internet memes with Dr. Pepper. While many have found the joke hilarious, some are still confused about the things going over the web.

Well, a veteran attorney, Sidney, was found having her moment taking a sip of the Diet Dr. Pepper. The whole thing is available on the aired testimony video of her.

Instead, the public found the activity laughable, comparing it to TV commercials or product advertisements. She gets ready to take a big gulp of the Diet Dr. Pepper, showing it to the camera while giving her thoughts.

The Jan 6 testimony has become viral memes over the web and a debating topic.

Here are some of the memes that took over Twitter:

“When you get both your medical and legal advice from Dr. Pepper.”

“Special thank you to Sidney Powell for single-handedly ruining Diet Dr. Pepper for me.”

“worst, dr. pepper commercial ever”

Sidney Powell Deposition Over Jan 6 Testimony

Nothing like Jan 6 testimony has ever happened before, with Sidney Powell being a part of a viral meme. There was the seventh public hearing, and an attorney gave her deposition on it.

While taking a Diet Dr. Pepper in her hand, she stated, “he was very interested in hearing particularly about the CISA findings and the terms of 13848 that apparently nobody else had bothered to inform him of,” then she enjoyed the drink with a gulp.

She mentioned the meeting with Trump’s allies for the 2020 election during the deposition while also testifying that it was about 10 or 15 minutes long.

One of the committee members’ Democratic Rep, Jamie Raskin, stated that they took the junior staffer’s help to access the White House. The group started the meeting in the absence of the White House staff.

Is Sidney Powell Disbarred?

Previously Michigan’s federal judge cited that nine attorneys, including Sidney Powell, face sanctions with the possibility of getting disbarred for their efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Forbes has also mentioned that Powell might soon have to face disbarment for the allegation of election fraud with the petition filed by the State Bar of Texas.

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