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Snoop Dogg Calls Out Photographer Suing Nas Over 2Pac’s Photo


Snoop Dogg Calls Out Photographer Suing Nas Over 2Pac’s Photo

Do you think Snoop has a point?

Nas became the subject of a law suit from photog Al Pereira, after he shared what he considered was a harmless photo of himself and 2pac on his Instagram account.

Pereira, who took the photo in 1993 claims Nas decreased the value of the image by posting it without permission on Instagram , but Snoop isn’t with it. The veteran rapper believes Nas has equal claim to the photo because he’s one of the subjects of it.

“How is a muthafucka suing Nas for a picture he in?” Snoop asks in a video uploaded on Instagram. “You fuckin’ photographers done lost y’all rabbit ass minds muthafucka. When you take a picture of a n-gga, that picture ain’t yours. That’s some near likeness situation. You’re borrowing my likeness.

“How you gonna sue Nas for a picture that he in? We need some new laws to help us as artists, man, because there’s a bunch of muthafuckas selling pictures with my face on it and I don’t get shit ’cause they took the picture.”

Can anybody help me with that? Just a basic question.”

According to Radar Online, Nas re-uploaded the photo to his personal Instagram account in 2020, three years after Pereira registered copyright for it. Pereira is suinh for unspecified damages and an injunction against Nas for using his work.


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