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Stand Up Comedian Ryan Rems, Death News Debunked


Stand Up Comedian Ryan Rems, Death News Debunked

Ryan Rems is a well-known TV personality, who is recently rumoued to be dead.

He is mainly known for his sense of humor, he has made a name for himself as people mainly know him by his stage name and for winning ABS-CBN.

Ryan career life in the entertainment industry started in 2008 up till now, known as a stand up comedian

Rems is best known for the observational comedy and the show “It’s Showtime.”

Ryan is said to be dead, after a social media account announced him dead, which turns out not to be true.

The person started that “the comedian died after a Viagra overdose. A social media user, Dondee Smith, posted the comedian’s dead news captioning, “Res in peace, Ryan Rems.”

The user also added, “It’s Showtime Funny One Grand Winner, Ryan Rems Sarita, has passed away at 43 years old due to viagra overdose.”

He also mentioned a link to read; however, the link leads to a song on YouTube. While the comedian’s followers have started showing their concern about the hoax, most have also taken it jokingly.

Nonetheless, this seems to be the first time Ryan has faced a death hoax. Although the rumors are yet to get debunked, having no authentic information, it looks more like false news.

No, the official website has mentioned anything on a Filipino comedian Ryan Rems regarding the recent death rumors or what has happened to him.

Also, he posted on Facebook not long ago, appearing pretty fit. But, as per the gossip, he got a Viagra overdose and died.

As per Ryan Rems’ Wikipedia profile, he was born on 3 November 1978 in Novaliches, Quezon City, Phillippines. In 2022, he reached 43-years of age.

He started his comedy career while the comedian was in his 30s, and since then, he has remained notable in public.

Ryan Rems is reportedly known to be single and not married. Also, he doesn’t seem to have a wife, as the comedian has yet to open up about his partner.

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