Stefania Maracineanu: Google Doodle pays tribute Romanian physicist

What was the cause of death of Stefania Maracineanu? Google Doodle honors. Physicist from Romania The Romanian physicist Stefania Maracineanu’s 140th birthday is being commemorated via a Google Doodle. One of the most significant female researchers and discoverers of radioactivity was Stefania Maracineanu. For more updates, visit

Stefania Maracineanu: who was she?

Stefania Maracineanu is artistically depicted in the Google Doodle carrying the element Polonium in a real-world laboratory. On June 18, 1882, Stefania Maracineanu was born in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania. Stefania Maracineanu was born to Sebastian Marachieanu and Sevastia when they were both just 20 years old, and she did not have a happy or wealthy childhood. Stefania Maracineanu attended the Central School for Girls in Bucharest, Romania, where she received her education. She graduated with a degree in physical and chemical science from the University of Bucharest later that year. Radiation exposure led to Stefania Maracineanu’s death from cancer in 1944.

Maracineanu, Stefania Death Factor

Stefania Maracineanu was a high school teacher at Bucharest’s Ploiesti, Iasi, and Campulung, although she spent the most time there—from 1915 to 1940—teaching at the Central School for Girls. In 1919, Stefania Maracineanu took a radiation course at the Sorbonne alongside Marie Curie. Later in 1926, she worked on her Ph.D. at the Radium Institute under the guidance of physicist Marie Curie. She received the degree from the Radium Institute. When Stefania Maracineanu was alive, Radium Institute was one of the most well-known institutions for the research of radioactivity.

For her senior thesis, “Light interference and its application to wavelength measurement,” Stefania Maracineanu was also given a prize of 300 lei. The ability of the light waves, under various conditions, is described by light interference and its applications to wavelength measurement. According to the research, physics is the superposition of waves, which results in significantly larger or diminished wave propositions.


How passed away Stefania Maracineanu?

Stefania Maracineanu conducted extensive research on the polonium element as well as on the polonium half-life and grew her understanding of radioactive atoms. Although Stefania Maracineanu was the first to find the radioactive isotopes, the artificial discovery of these isotopes earned another researcher the Nobel Prize.

Both the experiment on earthquakes and rainfalls and the experiment establishing the relationship between radioactivity and rainstorm were conducted by Stefania Maracineanu. The Posta Romana gave Stefania Maracineanu the honor of mentioning her scientific work on January 1st, although Marie Curie’s picture appeared on the note. Romania’s postal system is called Posta Romana. This provides the delivery items for the country of Romania.

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