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Sydney Underworld Figure, Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad Reason Of Death Sentence Explained


Sydney Underworld Figure, Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad Reason Of Death Sentence Explained

Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad was popularlly known as Sydney underworld figure, who was recently shot to death on a Wednesday night.

Ahmad had been out of prison six months ago after serving five years in jail, and he is now shot to death in Greenacre, Sydney on Wednesday night.

Ahmad, a notorious underworld figure, visited an associate when he was gunned down with multiple shots.

Just 6-months prior to the incident, he was released from prison after serving five years for the manslaughter of gangland rival Safwan Charbaji in 2016. He was known as one of the big players in Sydney Crime and often walked in and out of the jail.

The notorious criminal had amassed a long list of enemies in the city. He had already left the country in the fear of his life but he couldn’t stay out of his hometown.

Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad was married to his wife, Carmen Piscioneri. Meanwhile, the details of the couple having kids are unknown to date.

One of Sydney’s most notorious crime bosses is dead. Gunned down in an execution style murder on a quiet street in Sydney. Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad had a bounty of $1 million on his head. Police say what unfolded was only a matter of time.

She had to sell their million-dollar home while her husband was facing trials over murder and drug smuggling charges alongside his brother.

The Daily Telegraph reported she was living in a rented Bankstown townhouse. While Ahmad continued to spend time with the organized crime group, Carmen has been living a low-key life.

There is a very few details known about Brownie’s wife in the media. She was married to him till the date of his death on Wednesday night.

The underworld figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was 39-years old when he was fatally killed in the street of Sydney.

Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty mentioned that he had already warned his life was in danger. However, he still continued to walk with the organized crime group.

He further added that he already knew Mahmoud was either slab in the morgue or back in the jail.

The estimated net worth of Australian gangster Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad is unknown. However, he had $1 million bounties on his head, at the time of his death.

Back in 2018, his wife had to sell his million-dollar house when he was facing a trial. He was infamous as an Australian gangster and an underworld figure.

The police stated that he was planning to leave Australia, only to return recently from Lebanon though he knew about the bounty on his head.

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