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T-Pain Calls For An End To Black History Month “We Don’t Want Our Own Shit”


T-Pain Calls For An End To Black History Month “We Don’t Want Our Own Shit”

T-Pain says Black History Month perpetuates segregation and wants people to stop celebrating it.

TMZ caught up with the R&B singer at LAX to get his thoughts on the recent bomb threats that have kept more than a dozen Historically Black Colleges and Universities closed. Pain says the threats are realities of what Black people face in America, and believes it won’t change till Black people own their “sh-t.”

“Well yeah that sounds normal, he said. “It’s always f-cked up. It’s been f-cked up for 100 years, it’s always going to be f-cked up. We take it how we’ve been taking it, we’re gonna make changes. Look towards the future and stop looking at the past.”

He continued “That’s how it started, you know there’s nothing changed since then, so you know what do we expect? It’s about making our own sh-t and getting in were we can get in. Just because it’s H.B.C.U.s dont mean it’s not owned by somebody else. We know what we’re doing, let’s make our own sh-t and we can get in whenever we want to.”

When asked about how White people can properly partake in the celebrations of Black History Month, T-Pain responded with “Stop celebrating.”

He then elaborated on his comments, “I don’t think we should celebrate Black History Month, I think we should just have history,” he said. “They overshot it, we don’t want our own sh-t, you’re separating us again. We want to be a part of history, not just one month of it. Don’t celebrate one month for us.

“I’d rather everybody stop celebrating that sh-t and just let us be part of history.”

Does T-Pain have a point? Watch the full clip below.

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