The Breton Singing Trio, Alvan And She’s Music Career Explored

Alvan & Ahez are known as an electro-rock band, who has been picked to represent France at Eurovision 2022.
The Breton Singing Trio are Ahez (Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou, and Sterenn Le Guillou), and Rennes-based electronic artist Alexis Morvan-Rosius alias Alvan formed the band in 2021.
Alvan & Ahez’s Breton-language song ‘Fulenn,’ which means spark or ‘young girl,’ won over the voters.
It’s the second time in Eurovision history that France has been represented by a song in the Breton language, following Dan Ar Braz and l’Héritage des Celtes in 1996.
Alvan and Ahez have stated that they wish to demonstrate that tradition is not a static concept; rather, it is always developing.
Alexis Morvan-Rosius is stage name Alvan, is a Rennes-based musician who debuted with the single “Dame de Coeur” in 2016.
While Alvan’s music is mostly classified as electro, he likes to mix in other genres and traditional elements such as chanting.
As a result of their great performance in the music competition Eurovision 2022, the duo has been spreading all over the internet.
Ahez (Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou, and Sterenn Le Guillou) are a kan ha diskan vocal trio from Carhaix, Breton.
Kan ha diskan, or ‘call and response singing,’ is one of the most popular genres of traditional music in Brittany, and it was the first Breton music genre to achieve mainstream recognition in France and abroad.
The band’s name is derived from ‘Ker Ahez,’ a traditional etymology for the Breton name ‘Carhaix,’ as well as ‘Ahes,’ a Breton mythological person.
The group began performing at festoù-noz (traditional Breton dance festivals), and ‘Fulenn’ appears to be their debut song in 2018
Alvan, is a Rennes-based French musician. With the song “Fulenn,” he will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 alongside Ahez.
Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou, and Sterenn Le Guillou form Ahez, a French vocal trio from Carhaix, Brittany. With the song “Fulenn,” the three will represent France in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest alongside Alvan.
France will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, with Alvan and Ahez with “Fulenn.” The national final Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez! was held by France Télévisions in order to choose the French entry for the 2022 contest.

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