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Today’s Episode 28th April 2022 Elimination Lock Up Poonam and Shaisha Get Into An Embarrassing Fight


Today’s Episode 28th April 2022 Elimination Lock Up Poonam and Shaisha Get Into An Embarrassing Fight

Hello, all entertainment fans, we are finally here with exclusive updates of your beloved and very controversial web-reality show “Lock Up,” as the 28th April 2022 episode is bringing the high-voltage drama as well as those unexpected things that will definitely make you feel over the top.

Because the show’s entertainment level is increasing as the grand finale approaches, numerous unexpected and unanticipated actions are appearing in the show, one of which is mid-week eviction, thus you can find everything below.

Lock Up Today’s Episode 28th April 2022

The most current episode opens with the jailors announcing the “Puzzle Task,” in which they must answer their riddle and determine the number that will allow them to open the lock. However, there is a twist: two prisoner numbers could be the answer, so they will have to persuade the other prisoner to reveal their numbers once they solve the puzzle. However, they must maintain discretion because everything hinges on trust, and betrayal could occur on the show.

Munawar and Shaisha are slammed by Poonam Pandey

Then Munawar, Shaisha, and Poonam Pandey enter the playing area, where they receive their puzzles and compete to see who can solve it first. The winner will be announced by addressing the participant who solved it first. Poonam solves it first, followed by Munawar and Shaisha, who go to unlock the lock using their numbers. Among all of this, Munawar unlocks it first and is given the opportunity to send a prisoner onto the charge sheet. Poonam had seen Munawar’s movements while playing the game, and she knew someplace that he would definitely adopt her name, but she hoped that he would not.

Munawar announces Poonam’s name on the charge sheet at the same moment, citing some of Poonam’s concerns. Meanwhile, Poonam attacks Munawar, claiming she was aware of it but hoped he would play fairly, but she was mistaken, and she also blames Shaisha, accusing her of already being with him. Shaisha claims she didn’t know anything because he never tells anybody else about his method, but Poonam isn’t ready to learn anything. So don’t forget to watch the show on MX Player at the appropriate time, and stay tuned for further information.

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