Todd Greathouse: Who Is He? Update Now on Anita Dunn’s Landlord Turned Killer

Anita Dunn’s murder was featured in a recent twisted episode of Oxygen’s True Crime, titled “Truth Will Kill,” in which she lived in an apartment rented from tenant Todd Greathouse. Todd murdered Anita as she threatened to reveal his romance to his wife. The 54-year-old landlord then brutally suffocated the 61-year-old Joplin resident to death.
Anita Dunn’s body was recovered in a nearby abandoned mine shaft by the investigative team, and the investigators quickly suspected the tenant because the two had a brief affair prior to the incident. As a result of this heinous crime, Todd Greathouse was sentenced to 50 years in prison and his parole eligibility was removed.
Todd Greathouse was arrested in 2016 for the murder of Anita Dunn and the subsequent dumping of her remains in an abandoned mine shaft. Todd Greathouse resided in the same apartment as Anita Dunn, and the two had a brief romance until Anita Dunn threatened to tell his wife about the affair. The landlord transported her body to the mine shaft after strangling her to death.
Todd was also a parolee, having served his time and been released eight years before Anita’s death. He was able to shift his parole to Missouri because to an interstate compact. Todd was arrested in May 2016 for unlawfully having dugs, just a few months before killing Anita Dunn. The probe, however, did not result in his parole being revoked.

What Happened to Anita Dunn’s Killer?

Todd Greathouse, the assassin of Anita Dunn, is still in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder in 2017. He was given a 50-year sentence without the chance of parole.
He claimed he acted in self-defense after Anita threatened him with a pistol on several occasions. The initial assessment of the victim and the crime scene, however, revealed a different scenario.

Explore Murder In Heartland Wiki Details

Todd Greahouse was charged with first-degree murder for strangling Anita Dun to death in the horrific Heartland Murder case. Anita’s landlord, Todd, had a brief affair with her. Todd went into Anita’s apartment on the day of the murder with the intention of making love to her. Todd slapped Anita and choked her when she chastised him and told him she would speak out about their pointless affair. He attempted strangling her with a towel at first, but then switched to a cord.
He drove to the abandoned mine shaft after killing her and disposed of her body there.

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