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Travis Scott’s Ex-Manager Calls Him ‘The Worst Person I Worked With In My Entire Career’


Travis Scott’s Ex-Manager Calls Him ‘The Worst Person I Worked With In My Entire Career’

Travis Scott’s former manager, Shane Morris, reveals unsettling details about Scott’s rise to fame, calls him “a genuinely horrible person.”

Travis Scott continues to receive heat for his negligence at his Astroworld Festival, last Friday that left eight people dead and over 300 injured.

The rapper has released several statements saying he wasn’t aware of how chaotic things and gotten, insisting he will never put the lives of his fans in danger. However concertgoers disagree and say the 30-year old Houston native has a history of encouraging callous behaviors at his concerts.

A man, Shane Morris, who claims he was Scott’s former manager is in agreement with the fans and is also speaking out against Travis’ reckless ways. Morris says Scott is the “worst person” he’s ever worked with and recalls a moment the Sicko Mode rapper left him for dead.

“Travis Scott is the worst person I worked with in my entire career in music,” Morris said in a Tiktok.
He also says the videos and criticisms surfacing align with what he already knew about Scott, and that he wasn’t surprised at the events at Astroworld because of Scott’s history.

“Eight people are dead and hundreds more are injured after Travis Scott’s callous, reckless behavior at Astroworld. And I hate to be the one saying this, but I saw this coming and I tried to tell everyone…I’m Travis Scott’s former manager. I’m the one who had a seizure and I’m the one that he left for dead in a basement in Los Angeles.

Morris adds that the allegations of Scott choosing to “rage” on while concertgoers fought for their lives are consistent with what he already knew about the rapper.

“When [Scott] sees people in harm or danger, he tends to continue only thinking about himself.”

“I can go on and on about the theft of sessions, assault, and all the lies he’s told in his career but the thing that I want you to understand most is I think it’s time to spill a little tea and I don’t mind doing this because Travis Scott is genuinely a horrible person,

Morris’ claims are inline with several other fan accounts. Back in 2017 Travis Scott was sued by a fan who broke his vertebrae at one of his concerts after he was allegedly pushed from a balcony.

Morris also recounts how he faked Scott’s popularity on SoundCloud and social media using bots.

“We used software to enhance his visibility via the wrong means,” Morris said in the video, which has amassed over 458,000 views since it was posted on Sunday.

Scott has offered refunds to concert attendees and promised to cover the funeral costs of the deceased.

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