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Tupac’s Handwritten Love Poem To His Former Girlfriend Is Up For Sale


Tupac’s Handwritten Love Poem To His Former Girlfriend Is Up For Sale

The poem is said to be the inspiration behind one of his biggest hits.

The love poem that reportedly inspired Tupac Shakur’s “All Eyez On Me” is now available for purchase. TMZ reports Moments In Time are hawking an old handwritten poem Tupac wrote to one of his girlfriends from back in the day for $95,000.

In the poem titled “All Eye Was Lookin 4” Pac professes his love to the former flame – apparently named Simi – who he says was “all I was looking 4.”

“4 Romeo there was Juliet, 4 Samson was Delilah, 4 Heaven there is a hell, 4 water there is fire. But me I walk alone in life in search of something rare then I came across a woman who was All I was looking 4,” he writes in the letter.

In the poem, Pac fears he may not be the right man for her, and wonders if she has any feelings for him.

“What if I’m not the one 4 her and what if she doesn’t care, what if these feelings that I hold for her are feelings she doesn’t share what if ahe never looks inside me 2 the person I really am, what if all she believes is what she’s heard and never knows the now.”

He ends the poem, dated August 26, 1995 with more pondering questions. “Will my affection be ignored or does she want me, like I want her?”

The poem is reportedly the inspiration behind Tupac’s 1996 hit single “All Eyez On Me.”

You can read the full poem below courtesy TMZ.

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