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Tya Posley, Florida Woman Arrested: She Slaps 1 Year Old Child!


Tya Posley, Florida Woman Arrested: She Slaps 1 Year Old Child!

The arrested woman is identified as Tya Posley. Tya Posley is from Florida and she was arrested for abusing her one-year-old daughter. Her arrest was made after police learned about a viral video of Tya Posley. In the viral video, the arrested woman can be seen abusing and beating her own daughter. Eventually, this video is constituting a hullabaloo on the internet.

In the video, she can be heard saying to her daughter, “your father wants to post shit right, he wants to post shit and not answer the calls. Further, she slapped her daughter and said I hate your ass.”

After coming across that video police officers reached Tya Posley’s home to check her daughter’s health. Meanwhile, they did not find any bruises on the kid and they identified the woman who was abusing the kid in the video and arrested her.

Tya is currently facing charges of child abuse. She was held at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. But she was released on a $2000 bond. Moreover, Tya is scheduled to present in the court on 7th June 2022. While her daughter is in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS).

After learning of the video police immediately took strict actions and proceeded to arrest Tya Posley for her misdeeds. The news of her arrest came out on Tuesday. Reportedly, the Sanford Police department took strict actions against Tya Posley on Tuesday morning. Some people do not deserve children!

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