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Vladimir Putin Shaking In Video: Video Gone Viral On Social Media Explored


Vladimir Putin Shaking In Video: Video Gone Viral On Social Media Explored

Vladmir Putin turned while clutching a candle close to the altar at a midnight mass for Orthodox Easter. It came a day after bedraggled Putin (69-years-old) was watched gripping a table and tapping his foot in the video that Kremlin onlookers asserted viewed as a drastic reject in his physical state. On Sunday night he comes up less bloated than in recent weeks as he stood unraided at Christ the Saviour Cathedral of Moscow alongside the mayor Sergei Sobyanin of the city.

A frail-looking Putin- who has been dogged by asserting he has Parkinson’s or terminal cancer-holds his wobbling hand out to greet Lukashenko prior to fastly retracting and walking around the room. Putin looks groggy and his knees buckle as he walks to hug his Belarusian counterpart in the undated footage showcased more than 1 million times. It comes as a recent video of Putin biting his lips and twiddling distractedly at a church service on Sunday further stoke asserts the autocrat has a terminal illness.

There were obvious sign of the telltale tremors often associated with Parkinson’s. But onlookers watched the aging autocrat appearing to shift not comfortably, sticking out his tongue and chewing his lips. Not only this but he also looks up to the ceiling and down at the ground at the time of the mass direct by crony Patriarch Kirill, who has supported his invasion of Ukraine. At one point the President was watched crossing himself slowly, coming up to take great care to control the movement.

A resurfaced video of Vladimir Putin “shaking uncontrollably” has sparked speculation that the dictator of Russia is severely not well. This footage sparked hearsay that he has a major health problem as in the video he is seen shaking uncontrollably. The hands of a Russian tyrant tremble violently in a clip viewing him greet Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at the Kremlin

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