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Warren Sapp Life After Retirement Explored, Former American Footballer


Warren Sapp Life After Retirement Explored, Former American Footballer

Warren Sapp is known to be a former professional American footballer, whose full name is Warren Carlos Sapp, he played defensive

After his football career ended, Warren is now known to be a big-time foodie and is a significant fisherman.

The athlete played in the NFL for 13 seasons, mainly with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was in seven Pro Bowls and was a part of the team that got victory over the franchise’s first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XXXVII.

He played college football at Miami, where he earned unanimous All-American honors and was further drafted by the Buccaneers, the first round of the 1995 NFL Draft.

Warren Sapp has a financial set back after he left NFL, and his networth is estimated to be $500 thousand. The retired American football player suffered financially after he left the NFL.

Warren had around $40 million in NFL salary alone, in 2012, Warren’s $6 million worth of debt forced him to declare bankruptcy. Since retiring, he was run into legal and financial troubles.

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp remembers he was driving when he first realized he has CTE, the brain disease linked to repeated trauma to the head:

Despite earning millions as a professional football athlete, Warren filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012. According to Tampa Bay Times, he had just $826.04 in his checking account, and $339.31 in his savings account during the filing.

He spent nine seasons with the Buccaneers and was also a member of the Oakland Raiders in his last four seasons. Following his impressive NFL career, he worked as an analyst on NFL Network until 2015.

The former athlete made seven Pro Bowl appearances, earning him first-team All-Pro honors four times. By the time of his retirement, Sapp compiled 96.5 career sacks, which were the second-highest career sacks for defensive tackle and the 28th highest overall for a defensive lineman.

Warren Sapp Career After Retirement

Warren Sapp spends much of his time at sea, regularly posting pictures of him fishing on a boat. The retired football player also seems to do a good bit of golf.

Since Sapp’s time as a professional football player, Warren has appeared on various shows, including The Choice, Dancing With The Stars, BBG Pitmasters, and time served as an analyst for the NFL Network.

Sapp has also been involved in several podcasts over the past couple of years. The episodes include his own favorite pastime of fishing and his own called 99 Problems Podcast with Warren Sapp. He is currently doing great with his podcast, SappNotFishing.

Warren Sapp was born on December 19, 1972, in Orlando, Florida, and was raised by his single mother in Plymouth, Florida. During the 1980s, Sapp was honored for great football last at Apopka High School, Apopka, Florida.

Sapp and Jamiko Vaughn were happily married in January 1998. The couple shared two children, daughter Mercedes in 1998 and Warren Car II in 2000. Unfortunately, Sapp and his wife separated in 2003.

Warren now has four children with four different women, Sports Casting reported. In total, Warren has six children with five women.

In his early years in 2007, he was named to the Florida High School Association All-Century Team, acquiring the top 33 players in his home state’s hundred years of high school football.

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