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WATCH: A Hari Raya video from MCI Singapore has gone viral on social media.


WATCH: A Hari Raya video from MCI Singapore has gone viral on social media.

REMEMBER TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MCI : On social media, a video of Singapore’s Hari Raya has gone viral: The Hari Raya video released by Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) is currently trending on social media. After receiving tremendous criticism and internet backlash, the Singapore authorities took down the video.

According to a recent report, the MCI deleted or removed a Hari Raya film to “avoid controversy and conflict” during the festival period, in response to an internet backlash alleging that the movie caricatures the Malay community and harms their sentiments. On Sunday, May 1st, 2022, MCI responded to CNA’s questions, noting that the ministry has taken note of the public’s feedback on the video Messages for Syawal.

It is a Malay film with English subtitles. The film “was about the path of a resilient family facing hard conditions, and how mutual support and inspiration may nurture the process,” according to the ministry. We acknowledge that the interpretations of any creative work are subjective. While the story moved the majority of Muslim/Malay viewers, including those who watched it before it was aired, others expressed doubts.”

According to MCI, the Hari Raya event “should first and foremost be a chance to recognize what binds us together as communities.” We decided to remove the video at this time to avoid more debate and controversy.” The MCI, on the other hand, did not say when the footage will be released.

Messages For Syawal Video

The 212-minute movie was shared across several social media outlets ahead of Hari Raya Puasa on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022. A Malay family in financial distress was highlighted in the video. On April 28, 2022, it was also shared on the Our Tampines Hub Facebook page as “an uplifting story focused on the concept of socioeconomic mobility and embedded on lyrical and familiar Malay proverbs.”

“The message is about assisting tenants proceed on to homeownership, education support (Uplift), and the importance of dual-earning households while weaving in virtues like determination and resilience,” according to the movie description. Veteran actor Johan Jaafar, who works as a mover and his wife is a housewife, plays the father in the video. Syawal, his little son, is too embarrassed to welcome his friends to the family’s rented flat.

Later, the son skips school to distribute fliers and earn additional money. When his parents learn of it, his mother decides to return to work, and his father accepts a new position. Many government programmes are shown in the movie, including the Uplift scheme, which helps youngsters from low-income families stay in school, and grants to help rental flat occupants purchase a Housing Board flat.

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