What Happened to Erica Baker ?

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Baker, Erica When the Bakers found their family dog, Jamie, strolling down the street by himself with its chain dragging the ground, they realized something was terribly wrong.

Baker, Erica Missing: Around 3:30 pm in Kettering, a suburb of Dayton about 55 miles north of Cincinnati, nine-year-old Erica Baker mentioned taking the Shih Tzu for a stroll. Her mother has always rejected her. Misty Baker failed to see that it was pouring and that Erica might become ill.

Baker, Erica Missing: Regardless, Erica liked taking the dog for walks close to the Kettering Recreation Center. The girl continued and said she would cover up her Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt with a parka. Mother gave in, and she hasn’t seen her daughter since.

Baker, Erica Missing: To put it mildly, Erica’s disappearance destroyed her old neighborhood in Kettering. Many workers ended up exploring the area while guarding a sizable portion of a 2.9 million-gallon support lake in search of the young woman’s body. Nothing was discovered, not even a fragment of her garment.

After the disappearance on February 7, 1999, Kim Hesse told a Dayton Daily News columnist about Erica Baker: “She’s the most friendly youngster on earth.” At Erica’s elementary school, Hesse had stepped in to act as the cave chief.

It was typical to see her walking around, according to Hesse. She waved and grinned at everybody.

The disappearance of Erica Baker is one of Backstory’s most perplexing cases since it is so odd, but someone has spent time behind bars for it.

Baker, Erica Christian is absent. Not long after Erica passed away, John Gabriel of Springfield was attended to as a regular bystander. Nevertheless, he was substantially accused in 2005 as a result of explanations provided years earlier by his then-darling Jan Franks. Franks claimed that she and Gabriel were the drivers when the young woman was killed by their van. She had said that shortly after, they had covered the body.

Baker, Erica Despite Franks’ assertion, charges didn’t surface for quite a period. Four years before Gabriel’s case even met with a stellar jury, Franks actually passed away from a pharmaceutical overdose in 2001.

Baker, Erica Examiners accused Gabriel of terrible mistreatment of a body and tampering with evidence instead of charging him with murder because they felt they had the evidence to do so. This was risky because no corpse was ever discovered.

Gabriel, who is now 50, gave police three different versions of what happened in regards to Erica Baker. He claimed to have been in a van that struck the young woman in two different buildings, but the van’s driver and other occupants changed between the recordings, as did the location of Erica’s alleged grave. Gabriel claimed he was completely unrelated to Erica’s death in the third structure.

Officers heard every one of the three buildings as well as Gabriel’s attorney’s argument that his client only agreed because he was afraid of the police. Gabriel was dragged away berating after a chosen power-constrained a six-year jail term after the jury deliberated for three hours prior to prosecuting him. According to plainly available records, he relocated to Florida after his conveyance about 10 years ago.