What Happened To Mo Farah During His Childhood? British Legend Track Athlete Has A Struggling Past

Mo Farah is the most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic Games history. He has four Olympic and six World titles specializing in 5000 m and 10,000 m track races. Known for his extraordinary power on the track field, Farah is one of the legendary athletes alive at the moment.

Hence, many are intrigued to know about his background which is quite different yet inspiring for others.

What Happened To Mo Farah During His Childhood?

Mo Farah’s tragic yet inspiring childhood story may amuse most people. Though he is a British citizen representing the country, he is a native of Somaliland.

The track running powerhouse was born Hussein Abdi Kahin on March 23, 1983, in Somaliland. He was told that his father died in a civil war when he was four, and he became separated from his mother.

Later, when he was nine, Farah was illegally trafficked to the United Kingdom via Djibouti. He was given the name Mohammed Farah and was forced to work as a domestic servant.

Coming through such a harsh background, Farah only gained British citizenship in July 2000 under the name Mohamed Farah.

The most shocking part is that the story of his merciless upbringing was not revealed to the public until July 2022, per NDTV.

Although there had been many legal misinterpretations regarding his obtaining citizenship, the British Home Office has assured him that he would not face any repercussions.

Why Was Mo Farah Twin Brother Deported?

Mo Farah has a twin brother named Hassan who currently lives in Somalia. The two brothers were separated at eight.

At that time, Mo, his two younger brothers, and his mother had left Hassan to join their father in the UK. Hassan was unwell and unable to travel, hence, he stayed behind with a family in Djibouti.

When their father had returned to collect Hassan, the family had moved and could not be found. Hence, the the twins were separated for twelve years.

However, Hassan bombarded the headlines when he was arrested over a knife raid case. He spent four-and-a-half years in prison and spent another two years on the Home Office’s radar.

For the case, he was deported to Somaliland, as Metro UK reports. He is now a telecoms engineer with a wife and ten children.

Is Sir Mo Farah A Practising Muslim? More On His Religion Info

Sir Mo Farah is a practicing Muslim, as Hollowverse reports. The track runner says that his faith is an essential piece of his success.

Moreover, his faith in his religion is widely noticeable during his races where prays before and after his race.

Most of his praying pictures have served as iconic religious symbols in the sports industry regarding respect for all religions among the athletes.

His take on Islam is seen in a positive way among sports fanatics. Thus, Mr. Farah is an impeccable example of a successful person with his religion on the side.

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