What is Kavitha Reddy’s background? Why is the Karnataka Congress Party ignoring women?

Congresswoman Kavitha Reddy, according to private news or sources, posted a video on social media sites explaining why the party has been ignoring women. As soon as her statement gained attention, an outpouring of reactions ensued, resulting in a tremendous reaction flood. Her statement is igniting the debate because no response has yet been provided, and it is still a topic of conversation among everyone, particularly those who use social networking sites, because her query is worthwhile and has a solid point to make.
According to accounts, Kavitha Reddy is a native of Anekal Talik and comes from a political family. In 2017, she received the Nadaprabhu Kemprgowda award. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of IndiaLife Hewitt and the co-founder and Vice President of TeamLease Services, better known as Staffing Company. She considers herself a sports fanatic because of her love of cycling, jogging, and mountaineering, as well as being a well-known and respected politician. Her fan base is fast rising on social networking platforms as a result of her accomplishments.
Aside from that, this isn’t the first time she’s made headlines for making an antagonistic speech; she’s previously attracted a lot of attention. As a result, we have stated such details that have been acquired from other significant sources, and so a few are still awaiting release. As a result, you will have to wait a little longer. Because everything is up to her, we can’t claim any further details as long as she makes something. So when