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What Is Senator Raymond E. Holmberg Accused Of? Allegations Explained


What Is Senator Raymond E. Holmberg Accused Of? Allegations Explained

Senator Ray Holmberg’s video CDs and other items were confiscated by Grand Forks police and federal authorities. After exchanging different text messages

Raymond E. Holmberg is a well-known American politician from North Dakota, Raymond is presently 77 years old, as he was born on December 10, 1943. He represents the 17th district of North Dakota in the North Dakota State Senate.

In 1976, Raymond was originally elected as a Republican. Ray graduated from the University of North Dakota with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in science.

Holmberg and South Carolinian Nikki Setzler became the country’s longest-serving State Senator after Wisconsinite Fred Risser retired.

A Grand Forks police detective and two Homeland Security special agents investigated Ray Holmberg’s home and haven’t been arrested till now, according to a police report, on November 17, 2021

Three months after Holmberg and Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier exchanged 72 text conversations while Morgan-Derosier was held in the Grand Forks County Jail.

Holmberg declined to comment on the investigation. Holmberg announced in April that he would resign from the Legislature on June 1.

While federal investigators interviewed Holmberg at his dining room table, a Grand Forks police detective assisted with the search.

The detective discovered a couple of CD-Rs and DVDRs in the drawer of a bedroom nightstand. CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are discs that can be used to record data.

The investigator noted in the report that several other items were seized by officers and placed into evidence in addition to the discs. The report did not specify what those other items were.

The cause for the search was not stated in the report. What is known is that the two federal agents and the Grand Forks police investigator who searched Holmberg’s residence also looked into Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier, the detained child porn and child sex abuse suspect with whom Holmberg exchanged texts in August.

Telephone number Holmberg declined to speak for this article on Thursday. Mark Friese, his attorney, informed The Forum that he was looking into the search warrant.

Morgan-Derosier, 34, of Grand Forks, is charged with possessing, receiving, and distributing child pornography.

Morgan-Derosier is also accused of bringing two children from their Twin Cities home to Grand Forks without their mother’s permission to sexually abuse them, according to federal authorities.

Ray Holmberg represents District 17 in the North Dakota State Senate. He took office in 1976 and has been well compensated ever since. According to Forbes, he is worth $1.5 million.

Holmberg (Republican Party) stood for re-election to represent District 17 in the North Dakota State Senate. He also makes a lot of money by holding fund-raising events.

On March 7, 2022, Holmberg declared that he would not seek re-election to the North Dakota State Senate.

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