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Where Is Alina Orlova Now? Dog Pet Killer Arrest And Charges Explained


Where Is Alina Orlova Now? Dog Pet Killer Arrest And Charges Explained

Alina Orlova and her friend Alyona Savchenko were found guilty of abusing animals, and were sentened for years.

Alina was jailed back in 2017 for around four years, along with her friend Alyona Savchenko, and her where about remains unknown.

People were angry about what they did, as they received different opinion from people

“AlyonaSavchenko was sentenced to four years and three months, while AlinaOrlova received three years and 10 days after a closed five-month trial in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk, RIA Novosti news agency reported. We won’t forget you bitches… two ugly monsters.”

Furthermore, the two women have been named “Khabarovsk Slaughterers” by the media. The Russian court sentenced them to jail as they had made a video of themselves in which they were seen torturing and killing animals.

The “sadistic” adolescents, according to Russian media, brought animals to abandoned buildings and shot them with airguns, trampled on them, and ripped their eyes out.

When the two were minors, they recorded themselves abusing at least 15 animals in 2016. Later, they posted these shocking videos on Youtube that led to their arrest in 2016.

She was given three years and ten days, and her friend Alyona Savchenko was sentenced to 4 years and three months following a five-month long-closed trial.

During the investigation, other crimes committed by the two also came to light.

These crimes included robbery, hate crimes, as well as cruel treatment of animals.

According to psychiatric reports, however, these two females did not have any mental illness.

Alina Orlova and her friend Alyona Savchenko were jailed for around four years for their crime. Further, their male friend, who shot the videos, was also sentenced to 3 years in jail.

For Russia, this judgment is rare as it is said that animal cruelty is not this severely punished there. The female’s family members were also fined for the “inadequate upbringing of children.”

The pair allegedly took puppies from people looking for new owners for the pets. Then, they would kill the pets mercilessly.

Alina is the daughter of an air force colonel. She had hit back, saying that she had not done anything to the pets and that someone was trying to frame her.

Her mother also denied her involvement. Alina pointed the finger of blame at her friend Alyona alleging that the images were photoshopped to frame her. In fact, she also mentioned that she had not spoken to Alyona for several months.

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