Where is Anne Hegerty on ITV Beat The Chasers? Why star has been replaced by Issa Schultz

Anne Hegerty was caught by Covid-19 and will be unable to film the Beat the Chasers spin-off series and fans are  already showing their concern that she left the show. Anne is known as The Governess, she quits her role on Beat the Chasers.  The Cha sers Australias’ Issa Schultz has taken her spot on Bradley Walsh’s ITV show.
Issa Schultz, Anne’s replacement, said he had chilly shoes to fill, and he’s not wrong. Since 2010, The Governess has pursued competitors in an attempt to prevent them from winning large sums of money.
Anne Hegerty joined The Chase in the second series in 2010, joining Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett and Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace on the panel.
She has always appeared on the popular Beat The Chasers spin-off on ITV since it first aired in 2020. But it was announced that she would be missing from the latest episodes as she had contracted Covid and would be replaced by Australian quizzer Issa Schultz.
Anne’s absence was confirmed in March by ITV in a statement. It read: “Unfortunately, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty has contracted Covid-19, so won’t be filming the upcoming Beat The Chasers. We look forward to having her back on set soon.”
After catching Covid, Anne Hegerty, also known as The Governess, was forced to pull out of filming the ITV show.
The 63-year-old told her 161 thousand Twitter followers that she was alright but was self-isolating. She stated that because of her deal with Covid-19, she will not be filming this season of Beat The Chasers.
Anne is generally seen with Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha, Shaun Wallace, and Darragh Ennis, who are also Chasers. Hegerty explained in a tweet that she will be replaced with Issa Schultz, the star of The Chase Australia. Issa, also known as The Supernerd, is the new Chaser who is also the primary Chaser in the Australian edition of the show.
After a Covid struggle, Anne Hegerty of ITV’s Beat the Chasers has retaliated against anti-vaxxers. Because she had Covid at the time of filing, the Governess will be missing the show this week.
Anne, who goes by the moniker Frosty Knickers, explains why to her fans. She wasn’t on the show and didn’t begin testing negative until we were almost done, she wrote.
On Saturday, March 19, 2022, Anne shared a new health update with fans on Twitter. Posting a picture of a lateral flow test, she revealed she was now recording a negative result.
Anne said: “#thechase #beatthechasers #lurgyfree #butstillselfisolating.” Anne, who was a contestant on the 2018 series of the ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, will be returning to normal episodes of The Chase when she is well enough.
Issa Schultz, aka TheSupernerd, has been filling in for Anne and revealed he only had around eight hours notice to fly to the UK for filming. He has been a Chaser on the Australian version of the show since it first aired in 2015.

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