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Where Is Tony Gates Now? West Michigan Radio Personality


Where Is Tony Gates Now? West Michigan Radio Personality

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based radio station that broadcasts classic rock music programming is WLAV-FM 96.9FM

WLAV-FM 96.9FM is the market’s premier classic rock-formatted radio station and consistently ranks in the top ten in Grand Rapids ratings.

Tony Gates is known as a longstanding West Michigan radio personality, who has vanished off the airways, leaving listeners in the dark as to what happened to him at WLAV.

Tony Gates WLAV Whereabout

Tony Gates was last heard, his co-host Michelle McCormick, and producer Travis Gibbs on WLAV’s morning show on Tuesday, April 19.

The Cumulus Radio Station broadcasted pre-recorded segments without warning to the public, on April 20. The pre-recorded shows lasted over two weeks, ending on Friday the 29th.

There has not been announcement of a new show, and afternoon host Rob Brandt appears to be standing in for Michelle McCormick and producer Travis Gibbs.

The majority of Gates’ presence on the radio station’s digital properties, including its website and social media profiles, appears to have been removed on or before May 1.

Tony is rumourned to have said words against Nancy Pelosi on the air that took people minutes to dispel. Regardless of political persuasion, it was straight-up bogus news, and he was too lazy to check.

WLAV: Is Tony Gates Really Fired?

Viewers started to make discussions that Tony Gates was fired from the show after his presence was removed from the WLAV site.

In 1974, the late Ed Buchanan (Uncle Buck) hired Tony Gates to join the radio station when it transitioned to an “Album Rock” format.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gates and Kevin Matthews helped guide the station to multiple rating victories in the emerging Grand Rapids radio market.

People searched Michelle Mccormick’s Facebook page, and she stated that he is still employed by the company but not on the air and that there is more to it than that.

All traces of him have been erased from the WLAV website and any social media pages linked to him. This has made his fans question his position in the company.

A clear message has not been published from both sides about what is going on with his career in WLAV radio. There are only rumors about him getting fired from the channel.

Gates always seemed to be attempting to be edgy but instead came across as obnoxious. Perhaps it isn’t correct, but he mentioned something political with which the station disagreed.

Moreover, people on Reddit who knew about WLAV and Tony are discussing their views on his current situation. Some are even satisfied that he is not working with the channel.

A Reddit user claims that “I’ve been listening to Ton for years and noticed that the similar stories he told each time changed. It was quite irritating.”

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