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who is Billy Corgan Dating? Commitment and Devoice with Ex-wife


who is Billy Corgan Dating? Commitment and Devoice with Ex-wife

The 55 year old American singer Billy Corgan’s real name is William Patrick Corgan. Chris Fabian  and Billy Corgan dated for 6years  from 1987 before they finally got married in 1993. However, the marriage did not last more than a year before they both got devoiced

Billy Corgan got famous  for being the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Smashing Pumpkins.He is also a wrestling promoter and is also the owner and promoter of the National Wrestling Alliance. Similarly,

Corgan married his on-and-off-again girlfriend, artist and museum book restorer Chris Fabian, in 1993. They were married at Corgan’s house in Wrigleyville, IL. They separated in 1995 and divorced in 1997, but Corgan famously refuses to talk about it. “There is not and will not be any public record on my marriage—that’s one thing I have to draw lines around.” So much for the dirty details. [Siva]

Courtney Love dated Corgan before she started dating Kurt Cobain. There were rumors that they hooked up after Cobain’s death, during Lollapalooza in 1994, when Corgan was still married. They reunited in 2006 to collaborate on Courtney’s music. Corgan moved into Love’s mansion with Courtney and Frances Bean, but he reportedly had his own wing. Courtney blew up at him when he canceled on playing Frances Bean’s 16th birthday in favor of going on an anniversary tour. With that kind of history, it’s hard to imagine that there’s no more Love for Corgan.[Celebuzz]

Around 1995, Corgan dated Yelena Yemchuk, a photographer who took pictures of the band, did album covers, toured with the band, and directed their stop-motion video “Thirty-Three.” Around 2004, they broke up due to fighting within the band. But the band’s 2000 song “Stand Inside Your Love” was written about Yelena and their breakup inspired Corgan’s solo release “The Future Embrace.” And as every girl knows, the best/worst part of dating an artist is the art that comes from the heartbreak.

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