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Who Is Tya Posley? Tya Posley Arrest And Charges Explained


Who Is Tya Posley? Tya Posley Arrest And Charges Explained

A video of a woman slapping her own child went viral on the internet because she was having a fight with the father of the child. The video has been seen by a lot of people who are angry at the woman for what she did. There is no well-known social media site where the video hasn’t been watched or people haven’t talked about it. People are paying close attention to this case because it’s so important because it’s about child abuse.

An explanation of the video by Tya Posley is shown here

In the movie, Tya was seen abusing her own daughter. She came into the public eye because people saw her. Video: She can be seen slapping the child and saying something about her father. She is said to be 23 years old and live in Stanford, Florida, where she is now, according to the media outlet. Her daughter is 1 years old now, but her name hasn’t been made public.

Unknown whether Tya has a husband and what her relationship was with the father of the child. As of right now, the father hasn’t talked to any media and hasn’t been recognised. It’s likely that he will soon be in the public eye, though

Tya Posley was charged with child abuse

Tya has been taken into custody by the law enforcement agent after they watched the video. They have been charged with cruelty to a child without great bodily harm, which is a crime. People say that the bond for this kind of crime is $2,000. She will be in court on June 7th. A lot of people have called her that because of what she did.

Since a disturbing video has been seen by so many people, people are worried about the child and her well-being. People say that the child doesn’t have any bruises from the accident and is in good health. Child Protective Services is in the same room as her at the moment (CPS).

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