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Why Did Imran Riaz Khan Stopped Working At Samma TV? Where Is He Now


Why Did Imran Riaz Khan Stopped Working At Samma TV? Where Is He Now

Imran Riaz Khan is a well-known anchor and journalist from Pakistan, who is reportedly 47 years old.

He works for Samma TV, and through the TV, he has made a good name for himself.

It turns out that Imran Riaz Khan has recently been fired from his position at Samaa TV.

After the sudden occurrence, he is known to be one of a rising number of journalists who have lost their jobs due to the county’s political upheaval.

Fortunately, Riaz Khan has created his official Youtube channel under his name “Imran Khan, ” with 2.8 million subscribers by 27 April 2022.


Riaz Khan has been recorded by a few news portals and article pages. Earlier, he served for a private NEWS Channel on Samma TV..

Riaz graduate degree in Journalism from the renowned University of Pakistan. Following his graduation, he joined a private NEWS channel as a junior anchor.

Imran Riaz Khan might be married at the age of 47. According to sources, Shaista Gogi is said to be his wife.

Imran Riaz’s rumored spouse, Shaista Gogi, is the beloved sister of Farah Gogi, a close friend of Bushra Bibi, who is facing significant corruption charges.

Meanwhile, Imran Riaz Khan denied the accusations regarding his relationship with Farah Khan. When the anchor saw the rumor in cyberspace, he joked that it might cause a “global war” at his residence. Thus, Farah Gogi is not his sister-in-law, as he clarified in two tweets.

Until now, Imran Riaz Khan hasn’t come forward to reveal details about his life partner and her true identity. As a result, netizens keep speculating about his romantic involvement.

Riaz Khan has meticulously built his internet audience over the last two years, gaining more than 650 million views as he opined on Pakistan’s sometimes flammable politics.

As the pressure to dismiss the prime minister grew, many people watched his channel. Therefore, he might have made a sizable earning from his YouTube channel

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