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Why Is Matthew “Matt” Judge Resign From Manchester United?


Why Is Matthew “Matt” Judge Resign From Manchester United?

Matthew “Matt” Judge is known as Manchester United’s director of football negotiations

Recently, it was reported that Matthew “Matt” Judge has resigned as the director of the Football negotiation after eight years at the club.

Judge is currently working out a notice period before leaving the club later this year.

Judge is not expected to be involved in the Red Devils’ summer transfer business. As he departs from his post, John Murtough will be in charge of recruitment at the club.

During his work time, he had worked closely with Ed Woodward after joining the club in 2012. Since 2016, he involved himself in transfer and contract negotiations.

Matthew has accumulated a wide fan base in the sports world. Due to this, the news of his resignation has been a topic for people to discuss on social media.

Six years back, he had the role to oversee an expanded network of scouts at United. However, from this summer, the system is expected to change.

Prior to joining United, he had worked in investment banking for 13 years. Meanwhile, as per the reports, he has a master’s degree in economics and finance from Bristol University.

Though Matthew “Matt” Judge has confirmed the news of his resignation, he has yet to reveal the reason to the public figure. Likewise, the club hasn’t said anything about the matter in the media.

Meanwhile, people have been speculating their own theory about his registration on social media like Twitter. “Matt” Judge was once recognized as being the man who sounds out agents and whether players want to come

Though Matt has been actively working as a public figure, he has managed to keep his personal life far from the limelight.

The details of the salary of Matthew “Matt” Judge haven’t been revealed in the media yet. However, the average annual income of a director varies between around $60,190 and $107, the United States.

The above-mentioned salary is just a general estimate number. The income of people from the same post can vary as per their experience and the company they are involved with.

As of now, he has already resigned from his post after serving for 8 years.

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