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What was the Cause Of Fred Ward’s Death? Family And Fans Reactions


What was the Cause Of Fred Ward’s Death? Family And Fans Reactions

Fred Ward died at the age of 79 without any health issues, one of which has since made fans concerned about what causes the death of the movie star .Fred Ward was known for playing no-nonsense men of action in films as Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Tremors and The Right Stuff, has died. He died at 79. He died Sunday according to his  publicist Ron Hofmann announcement with No cause or place of death disclosed.

Ward has played many heroes, each with a subtlety that removed them from the cardboard cutout figures that they could have been,” the Chicago Tribune‘s Julia Cameron wrote in a 1985 profile of the actor. “In many ways, his work, like that of Robert Duvall, can be viewed as a meditation on America’s notions of masculinity.”

Ward also starred as hard-drinking expatriate author Henry Miller, who has a ménage a trois in Paris in 1931 with his wife (Uma Thurman) and another writer (Maria de Medeiros), in Philip Kaufman’s Henry & June (1990), the first NC-17 film to play in theaters.

“My rear end seemed to have something to do with [that rating],” he said in an interview with The Washington Post.

For Robert Altman, Ward was the head of studio security in The Player (1992) and shared Golden Globe and Venice Film Festival ensemble prizes for his performance in Short Cuts (1993).

His best chance at superstardom came when he was cast as the title character in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985).

The Orion Pictures release, based on the popular The Destroyer novels, was designed to kick off a franchise centering on an American version of James Bond. (It was directed by Guy Hamilton and written by Christopher Wood, veterans of 007 movies, and Ward signed on for three Remo Williams installments.)

Ward’s Remo was a New York cop who is taught martial arts skills by a Korean master (Joel Grey) as he becomes an assassin for a secret government agency. However, despite a neat action sequence atop scaffolding covering the Statue of Liberty, the film did poorly at the box office, and the adventure, alas, ended just as it was getting started.

The news of his untimely death was publicized by Ron Hofmann, the publicist of the deceased. Ward’s representative also said that the actor’s last wish was that any of the memorial tributes for him should be made to the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center as per TMZ.

His immediate family, which consists of his wife Marie-France Ward and his son, Django Ward, have yet to come forward with their statements on the death news. Sadly, he left his wife of 27 years, with whom he tied the knot in the year 1995.

Born on December 30, 1942, Fred Ward had contributed decades to the entertainment industry and the last appearance he made on the screens was in 2018 for the TV movie Tremors.

Fred Ward has died suddenly and all the news around his death has kept the cause hidden for the time being.

Perhaps, the Ward family is not in the situation to disclose how the actor actually died as they are still mourning for their beloved.

We guess his death might probably be resulted either from illness or perhaps from Covid-19 too.

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