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Kanye West Says Jay-Z And Drake Make Him Look ‘Crazy’ By Ignoring His Conversations


Kanye West Says Jay-Z And Drake Make Him Look ‘Crazy’ By Ignoring His Conversations

Kanye West explains how Jay-Z and Drake try to make him seem crazy by being passive aggressive.

In the second part of Kanye West’s Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, the outspoken rapper opened up about his mental health and how everyone around him try to make him look crazy whenever he has an opinion they don’t agree with. Ye believes people use his bipolar disorder as a weapon to diminish his influence.

“Y’all not gonna diminish what I’m doing, and what God is doing with me in the future, by trying to cut my legs off or cut my influence off by calling me crazy,” he said.

“That don’t work. You’re not gonna say anything like, ‘You need your meds, you’re not in your best mental state right now.’ No, I know what’s going on, and I’m not having it. I’m Buffalo Bill – I’m one of them characters from the movie! You know back, in the days – think about There Will Be Blood, man, they weren’t having it.”

In the clip below, the 44-year old Chicago native explained how Drake and his boss, Jay-Z use the ‘crazy’ rhetoric to avoid having conversations with him.

“If I have a conversation that Jay don’t want to have, he gonna avoid the conversation. If I have a conversation that Drake don’t wanna have about ‘what did this line right here mean?’ he gonna avoid the conversation. I’m like, ‘Y’all avoid the conversation,’ I’ll say it out loud, I’m now the crazy one.”

The rapper, now legally known as Ye – said he’s done letting people try to make him out to be something he’s not.

“I’m not having none of it, from nobody, ever, period, on my life, bro, on my mama, on God – I’m not having nothing. Period. This the truth. We’re gonna have to deal with the truth because we can’t build communities of off lies. We got to build communities off of a foundation. We build our foundation on a truth. Only the truth will set us free.”

Elsewhere in the interview he talks cancel culture and stealing porn from Reddit. Also Kanye West recently invited Drake to a special Larry Hoover concert so they can squash their beef.

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