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Kanye West Says He Loves Drake And Wants To Have An ‘OG’ Chat With Him


Kanye West Says He Loves Drake And Wants To Have An ‘OG’ Chat With Him

The Kanye West and Drake situation is starting to look like a case of the Joker and Batman. Maybe they need eachother to validate their existence.

Everyone wants to see Ye go against Drake in a Verzuz but according to the 44-year old, he loves the Toronto rapper. Despite years of bad blood between them, Kanye gives Drake is flowers and says he would like to have a conversation with him.

“I love Drake,” he said, while discussing their rivalry on Drink Champs. “Let’s have Drake have his spot of what he meant in my life specifically and what he’s meant to rap over the last specifically.”

The Chicago native also added, “I be wanting to sit down with Drake to say this just as an OG.” He talked about the music they make lacking “redemptive qualities.” Referring to the diss tracks back and forth between them he said, “We put on a façade and act like we ready to die.” He said that as men of God they need to find a way to reach redemption.

He compared his rivalry with Drake to Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield’s boxing match in 1997, where Tyson bit his opponent’s ear, resulting in his disqualification. “You know what? I bit his ear. I bit his ear,” Ye said.

He likened Drake’s strategy to stealth combat and said, “Drake don’t’ do a diss like an outright diss song where it’s a head shot. He’s gonna’ set it up like war.”

“This is the first time we’re in a place of professional rap,” Ye continued. He suggested Drake disses him in songs in ways only he can recognize. “If he throws out a bar right here, it might be a bar only, like Pac say, ‘you and I know what’s going on.’ But it’s all psychological. It’s like what button is someone is going to hit.”

Ultimately, Kanye remains unconcerned about things ever getting too far. He said there are “Too many people that get paid off of either of us for something to happen to either of us.”

Earlier in the interview N.O.R.E. asked who would win in a potential Verzuz battle between him and Drake. “I’m winnin’ every situation,” said Ye.

He also weighed in on the possibility of going up against JAY-Z.
“Nah, ’cause that’s my boss,” he said. “I would never go against JAY.

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