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Lil Mo Wants Fat Joe Held Accountable For His “Dusty Bitches” Comments



Lil Mo Wants Fat Joe Held Accountable For His “Dusty Bitches” Comments

Fat Joe has apologized twice for the derogatory comments but Lil Mo insists his words were insensitive to people battling addiction.

Lil Mo is not letting Fat Joe off the hook just yet. The Terror Squad rapper continues to receive backlash for calling Lil Mo and Vita “dusty b-tches” during his Verzuz with Ja Rule.

Fat Joe has since apologized for the derogatory comments but Mo insists his words were triggering to not just her but all people battling addiction.

“I still have triggers. I’m healing, but I’m not all the way there, so it’s actually disappointing and maybe humiliating for people battling addictions,” she tells TMZ. “Certain terms nowadays are not just gonna fly and people have to be held accountable.”

Fat Joe was disrespectful to Lil Mo and Vita when he referred to them as “dusty bitches” while they were waiting backstage to perform alongside Ja Rule. He also insinuated Ja “had to go to the crack house to find them.”

Following backlash on social media, Joe hopped on Twitter to apologize to Vita and Mo for the misunderstanding.

“Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters,” he tweeted.

Moe said she wasn’t aware of Joe’s negative remarks till she got a text from her daughter.

“I didnt watch the verzuz at first but when I went in the back the first text message I get was from my oldest daughter she’s 19, and she kept on saying ‘he’s talking too much,’”Mo adds.

She eventually called him out on Instagram, which forced a second apology from Crack.

“I’m super sorry i love you and vida i said sorry to your face before i left the building and to vida i was caught in the moment and I’m super sorry God bless.

Remy Ma claims Joe didn’t mean any disrespect but Mo tells her to mind her business.

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