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Nicki Minaj Praises Lil Kim’s Influence In New Interview


Nicki Minaj Praises Lil Kim’s Influence In New Interview

Nicki Minaj gives prop to her nemesis in new interview with Joe Budden.

Nicki Minaj openly giving props to Lil Kim is not something you’ll see everyday. During her new interview with Joe Budden, Nicki spoke about hip hop and her overall influence on the culture.

“In my opinion, rap is the only culture that from the beginning of time has been vilified,” she said. “From the very beginning, we have been treated like the bad guy. We’re held to a different level of judgment.”

“I would never see any female rapper wearing pink hair,” she said. “Pink hair became a part of that starter kit. Every female rapper will put on a pink wig at some point. And I remember that was just the Nicki Minaj thing. That’s why when I said ‘pink wig, thick ass’—that’s an iconic Nicki Minaj line because that’s what she wears.”

Nicki also used the moment to speak on the marginalization of female rappers in hip hop, using herself and Lil Kim as references. She believes her and Kim should “have already been on the cover of American Vogue” based on their influences in music and fashion.

“The same way I feel I should have already been on the cover of American Vogue, so should have Lil’ Kim. If we being all the way a thousand. If this is what your magazine represents, influence…” She added, “Because when myself or Lil Kim goes on the internet, every day we see our influence. We will see our influence. So, I’m not gonna say it’s about me only and not give that woman [Kim] her dues.”

She also pointed to how white women are treated differently. “When Billie Eilish comes out and sets a trend with her green hair, she’s immediately put on American Vogue,” she said.

Elsewhere during the interview, the host asked her about doing a possible Verzuz with Lil Kim.

“I saw you say that you would do a Verzuz with one or two people,” Joe Budden said. “We all got to guessing. I already know [who] one of those people would and should be. My guess would be [Lil] Kim.”

The former Slaughterhouse member also suggested other names she could battle including Missy Elliot and Ms. Lauryn Hill. Nicki didn’t dismiss any of the suggestions and chose to respond with “I’m not saying anybody’s name.”

Last year Lil Kim revealed she was open to going up against Nicki Minaj in a Verzuz. Only a matter of time before we see these two put their differences aside and celebrate each other’s talents.

Watch the full interview with Minaj and Budden below.
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