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Amy Winehouse Father Says Biopic Based On Book Of His Daughter Is Not Happening


Amy Winehouse Father Says Biopic Based On Book Of His Daughter Is Not Happening

A new biopic chronicling the final years of Amy Winehouse is being developed by Halcyon studios. The biopic is based on the 2010 book Saving Amy by Daphne Barak and will feature unseen photos, and notes, all of which were reportedly gathered with approval from the singer and her family.

Despite Halcyon’s claims the family gave them the go-ahead with the production, Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father and administrator of her estate claims Halcyon has not reached out to him, nor has it reached out to her record label, Universal, to use any of her music.

Mitch Winehouse also says any production company planning to make a biopic about his late daughter is playing a losing game because it’s “100 percent not allowed.”

Mitch tells TMZ that the family already have plans with a large production company in the UK to to develop a film based on her final years and filming is expected to start next year.

Daphne Barak insists she has all the “legal agreements” needed to go ahead with the project, which she says is not a biopic, but rather her story with her footage featuring herself with Amy and Bill Gunasti.

“I have all of the releases and legal agreements needed. Just like the NFTs being marketed on OG2D, this material is also all legally my property to sell.”

Mitch says Amy’s estate owns all rights to her image and no such permission has been given. Mitch also doesn’t think the case will end up in court because he believes, “They can’t be that stupid. Everyone knows proper licenses must be granted.”

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